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The Queensland Commitment Roadmap

Transforming lives through education for a more prosperous Queensland.

The Queensland Commitment Roadmap outlines 58 strategic actions that we will take towards more equitable access to education by 2032.

Our commitment to equity aligns with the Australian Universities Accord and its vision for transformative reform in our sector. 

We will be successful when:

  • 30% of UQ’s domestic undergraduate students come from a regional, remote, or low socio-economic background
  • the proportion of domestic students identifying as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander reflects the representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Queensland.

Read the Roadmap (PDF, 3.62 MB)

Cover of 'The Queensland Commitment Roadmap' PDF.

The Roadmap at a glance

Through The Queensland Commitment, we will:  

  • raise $250 million to support research and increase the number of perpetual scholarships for students in need.
  • double the annual intake in proven pathway programs for underrepresented students like Young Achievers Program and InspireU.
  • strengthen our partnerships with schools and Regional University Study Hubs across Queensland.
  • improve the availability and affordability of student accommodation.
  • leverage local knowledge, expertise and experience to build solutions through community engagement programs.
  • collaborate with our extensive network of over 335,000 UQ alumni in 190 countries to foster aspiration and provide mentorship for Queensland students.
  • grow our rural and regional health workforce by delivering high-quality educational programs with industry partners and other universities. 

Backed by world-leading research

The Queensland Commitment Roadmap is informed by UQ's research, such as the landmark report 'Drivers of underrepresentation in Australian higher education' from our Institute for Social Science Research. 

Read the Institute for Social Science Research report (PDF, 1.11 MB)

Staff information

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